Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Dream to be a Storyteller..

It is my dream to be a published author. I often dreamed that I am holding a novel written by me and the title of the novel is "Love is nine days wonder". Although I have written many short stories, but the short story which I have written on my real love, is really close to my heart. As I was an introvert in nature during my graduation college days, and I didn't like to share my feelings with my colleagues. I was having a habit to write my diary regularly in those days. The story is really based on my real love in my graduation days, and I have taken help from my diary as well.
The thing that inspires me to write my love story was the fact that I had promised my beloved that "One day I will be a writer." In addition to this, writing is my passion and when ever I am feeling free, I grab my diary, picked a pen and synthesize a number of words on the blank white pages. Although I have published a number of scientific research article, as I am a research scholar by my profession, but I would like to be called as a storyteller like Ruskin Bond.
The experience of this story, which I have written, was very much painful for me, because I have to recall all those incidences which was happened in those days and I longed to forget all those incidences long before, but this story is meant everything to me as well as to my life.    

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