Saturday, August 25, 2012

तुम और मेरी कविता...

हाथ में कलम लेता हूँ,
और कोरा कागज-
सामने रख कर,
न जाने क्या सोचने लगता हूँ?

जब मैं लिखना चाहता हूँ-
तब भाव नहीं पनपते.
और जब भाव उमड़ते हैं,
तो वक़्त ही नहीं मिलता.

जब वक़्त मिलता है-
तब शब्द नहीं मिलते.
और जब सब-कुछ होता है,
तो कलम ही कही खो जाती है.

सोचता हूँ, कुछ तुम्हारे बारे में लिखूं,
उन हसीं लम्हों को फिर से जिन्दा करूँ.
जिनकी कब्र, मैं दिल के-
किसी कोने में बना आया हूँ.

पहले, जब तुम सामने होते थे,
मेरे होश गुम हो जाते थे.
कहीं उन लम्हों को फिर से जिन्दा करके,
मैं अपनी कविता के शब्दों को न खो दूँ?

या तो तुम्हे ही पा लूँ,
या कविता ही बना लूँ.
कुछ पाने के लिए कुछ खो दूँ?
या तुम्हारा नाम ही मैं कविता रख दूँ?
जीतेन्द्र गुप्ता 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Dream to be a Storyteller..

It is my dream to be a published author. I often dreamed that I am holding a novel written by me and the title of the novel is "Love is nine days wonder". Although I have written many short stories, but the short story which I have written on my real love, is really close to my heart. As I was an introvert in nature during my graduation college days, and I didn't like to share my feelings with my colleagues. I was having a habit to write my diary regularly in those days. The story is really based on my real love in my graduation days, and I have taken help from my diary as well.
The thing that inspires me to write my love story was the fact that I had promised my beloved that "One day I will be a writer." In addition to this, writing is my passion and when ever I am feeling free, I grab my diary, picked a pen and synthesize a number of words on the blank white pages. Although I have published a number of scientific research article, as I am a research scholar by my profession, but I would like to be called as a storyteller like Ruskin Bond.
The experience of this story, which I have written, was very much painful for me, because I have to recall all those incidences which was happened in those days and I longed to forget all those incidences long before, but this story is meant everything to me as well as to my life.    

Monday, August 13, 2012

Life in Jaunpur city

Riverside view from "Sadbhavna" bridge on Gomati river

"Royal" bridge view from Sadbhavana bridge

Balcony of my room

Horizon from the roof of my home

Cloudy Sky

The sky

River "Gomati"

"Sadbhavna" bridge and Mandir

Monday, August 6, 2012

Medieval Jaunpur

I was searching for the images of the ancient Jaunpur, and I have found some interesting images of the city. It is interesting to know that the city, I am living presently, was looked like that. These are very rare images, drawn in the time of British rule by some brilliant artist, Thomas and William Daniell. Just have a look at these images..

This image is the "Plate 9 from the third set of Thomas and William Daniell's 'Oriental Scenery.' by Daniell, Thomas (1749-1840). It is the picture of Jama Masjid, Jaunpur.

This image is of "The Bridge At Juonpore, Bengal; by Thomas Daniell, 1804* (BL)" In this picture you can see the Shahi Bridge and Shahi Fort. Although I am a little bit confused by the term "Bengal". May be at that time, the city was under control of Bengal province.

This is the "Akbar's bridge over the Gumti River at Jaunpur; a watercolor, c.1790-1800* (BL)". Today it is called Shahi Bridge. 

This picture is showing the "View of the River Gomti near Jaunpur (U.P.). 1 December 1789, by Daniell, Thomas (1749-1840)"

This is the "Scene in the town, Jaunpur (U.P.). 7 December 1789, by Daniell, Thomas (1749-1840), and Daniell, William (1769-1837)". I don't know, where this place is situated now in modern Jaunpur. But it is very interesting image of the city.

 Image Courtesy: The British Library