Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just look at the comments on my published poem..

Just look at the comments which I have got with in last two days on my facebook profile, since I have posted the picture of poem, which have been got published in Daink Jagran news paper. I am feeling like any celebrity.....
Approximately 28 peoples, including those who are not even familiar with me, have liked it. I am thankful to all those persons, specially Ashutosh Singh Vats, who always encourage me to do great things in life. Just look at his comments, he has posted a beautiful poem dedicated to me, in the comment bar....

Sunday, July 22, 2012

"इच्छाओं की चिता"

शाम को सूरज अस्त होने से पहले,
कुछ ज्यादा तेज चमकाने लगता है.
और दिए की लौ बुझने से पहले,
कुछ ज्यादा ही फड़फड़ाने लगती है.

तुफान आने से पहले सन्नाटा पसर जाता है,
और  कुछ देर के लिए ही यह वक़्त ठहर जाता है.
फिर सूरज अस्त हो जाता है, दिया बुझ जाता है,    
और तुफान भी विनाश लीला दिखा कर चला जाता है.

तो अपनी जिंदगी को मैं क्या समझूं,
बुझते हुए दिए की लौ का फड़फडाना, 
तुफान के पहले सन्नाटे का पसर जाना,
या शाम के आकाश में सूरज का अस्त हो जाना.

मेरी कविता भी शायद मेरी सोच की ही एक मिसाल है,
कम शब्दों में लिखी गयी जिंदगी की एक किताब है.
गर बारिश हो जाती तो मुझको सुकून मिल जाता,
पर आँखे मेरी सुखी है और दिल में नैनीताल है.

बचपन से ही जो सपने आँखों में बस गए थे,
उसे दिल के किसी कोने में बहुत गहरे  गाड़ आया हूँ,
गलती से भी कोई वहां ना पहुँच जाए,
इसलिए पूरी तरह से उसको श्मशान बना आया हूँ.

इच्छाओं की चिता से निकली हुयी राख का मैं ढेरी,
या किसी निर्जन देश की सीमाओं का हूँ प्रहरी.
बड़े सपने देखकर छोटो में ही खुश होने लगा हूँ,
जी रहा मैं या मर गया हूँ, दुविधाग्रस्त हो गया हूँ.

जीतेन्द्र गुप्ता 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A letter to God..

Dear God;
I had a dream, when I had passed my intermediate examinations in 2003. But due to certain inappropriate decisions, I found myself going very far from the dream, I had. When I realized that I have gone a long way on a wrong path, and now, I could not return to the beginning, I started blaming myself for my failure. A feeling of guilt have choked my heart, and I started to ruin my time. 
The dream was related to become a scientist. Now, there is a opportunity in front of me, once again in my life.  And I am in the position to fulfill my dreams. I have good academic record, qualified GATE exam, published a number of scientific papers in various impact factor journals. What more in addition to this, anybody can wish from You to have in life? Yes, there is a lack of one thing, the so called fellowship. It is the one thing I don't have, and it's the only drawback in my resume.

On the 10th of july 2012, there will be  an interview in BHU, Varanasi for Ph.D. admissions. I have applied in that interview. Now I will have to face it.....
From this blog post, I am praying from You for my dream come true. As the science have also accepted Your existence (in a experiment in Geneva about the "God Particle") I am sure that You are really there and You are reading my blog. (as nobody else is interested in my life as well as in my blog).

So what do you think God; "Will my dream come true???"    
Kindly respond to this post please.......................I am waiting for your answer...