Saturday, February 18, 2012

Emancipation (Part 3)

The continuity of my thinking was disturbed by Prakash who have arrived at room along with one more of his fellow named Devangan. Both of them were familiar with me as I have met them earlier. We greeted each other. Prakash was a cool boy, he didn’t care much about his future, while Devangan was rather serious, he wanted to enjoy like us while became successful like any legend. So he wanted to sail on two boats simultaneously with both of his legs on each boat. Both of them have come for the interview in BHU while I was killing my time. In more prospects, I envied Devangan. He was the topper in his secondary school examination of his state, has completed his PG from BHU and now going to appear for interview for Ph.D. and the chances of his selection was more than that of any other candidate. He was the ultimate genius.
We went together outside in the market and enjoyed tea once again. The sun settled down on the horizon, the streetlights and lights of the shops were lit. And the market was glistening with the yellow and white lights of the bulbs and tube lights. The sky was dark and stars were twinkling. We were talking and walking over the pavements and the motors were running over the roads. The yellow headlights of the motors were coming and passing to us with its sound slightly increasing then decreasing.
We reached at the liquor shop; Prakash always took the lead and entered the shop. “Take a can of beer for me; I would not digest the whisky today.” Devangan was saying to Prakash. Prakash purchased a bottle of whisky ‘Royal Stag full’ and a can of beer. Then we approached a provision store to purchase the soda and masala. Our bag was full and became very heavy. Then we returned to our room.
It is shown in the hindi movies that the hero often takes drink when his beloved cheated him or when he was in any type of family problem or when the burden of grief had fallen on him. But unlike hero of hindi movies, we took the drink when we were feeling happy.
The mehfil was set up and we took our seats for drinks. “Cheers..sss” everybody said. Meanwhile Rakesh and Prakash were talking to each other because they were in the same profession while I was talking to Devangan. Our conversation was limited to our profession.
Prakash was explaining how he teaches in class and explain every terms and hard concepts which come across his topic. If he got trapped or found himself unable to explain anything, he asked that term immediately, to their students before any students asked him. If any student answered, then it is all right otherwise he gave that topic to their students for home work.
Rakesh was feeling rather nervous and while teaching he concentrate on the watch. When his one hour completed, he usually said goodbye to their students. If any students asked him something, he simply answered, “that is out of your level; Understand!” or he would say, “That is not in your syllabus; you know! So don’t ask me such stupid questions.”
After consuming 2-3 pegs, we find our self intoxicated. I knew my capacity so I announced, “This is my last peg; my dear friend!”
Prakash protested and said “Why do you quit only after third peg?”
“I have made a rule for myself; dear!” I said.
“You have to take one more for us. There is only one rule that there is no rule, You know!” said Prakash.
I have to take the fourth peg. Rakesh had taken 6-7 pegs. Our conversation was now crossing the boundry, and we were now discussing about the girlfriends of each other. In such situations, Rakesh always took the lead role. He was saying, “I wanted to marry my old girlfriend whom I have hammered on the bank of river Ganges. But now I find her less attracting and more irritating. Apart from that, there is a junior at my college, who teaches with us and is like colleague, gives full line and length to me now days.” To prove this statement, he started showing the SMSs of that girl from his mobile.
There were a number of messages, all full of love. Some of them were inviting and some were bold. One of them was this “If you will not marry a good girl, you will spoil you life; if you will marry a good girl, neither will you stumped out in your life?”
“The girl is inviting you; why don’t you propose her and victory the fort” said Prakash, who don’t have any girlfriend except one nine to five spouse.
“Well; I am trying and filled the tender form; as soon as I got the approval, the fort will be ours.” said Rakesh. Everybody started giggling and burst in to laughter.
“Tell us about Varuna; Eishwer! Tell us your fucking story.” Rakesh was asking me.
“There is nothing new in my story.” I said.
“My God! This fellow has proved himself a hidden Rustam; He too has a love story.” Exclaimed Devangan with surprise.
“We want to hear that old one.” Insisted Prakash.
“That night when I had proposed Varuna, I had taken liquor; I called her on her phone. I have studied somewhere in the news paper that girls like to be proposed on the mobile phone.” I said.
“What a good idea!” said Rakesh.
When she picked up the phone, I said, ‘I miss you; Varuna, I love you so much”

 Then we took our dinner. After enough talking and enough drinking, everybody became tired and fully intoxicated. Soon, all of them were sleeping. I was also feeling sleepy but there was only two charpoy, and four of us had to share that. Well, we have adjusted our selves on the bed and slept away.
To be continued...

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