Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winners stand alone..

It gives me pleasure when I wonder in the foggy night. I like the loneliness and dislikes the crowds. In addition to this, it gives me satisfaction too because there is no one on my way to oppose me, when I use to wonder in the night. Normally peoples use to hide in their blanket in such cold nights but I love such nights. I have written my experience in the form of a poem, hope you will like it.... 

There is the fog;
There is the mist;
I can see everywhere,
on the streets.

I am here;
watching the moon light;
while standing in the cold.
below the sky of night.

Sky's color looks white;
It seems so bright;
Although there is no source-
of light in the night.

There is the drops-
of water, called 'dew';
I'm feeling it, while breathing,
while blinking, on my eyebrows.

There is silence;
and no sound at all.
except one or two voices-
coming from very far.

I like the loneliness,
I like the desert zone,
I feel like the conqueror;
because winners stand alone.
Jitendra Gupta


  1. good one....
    a loner can be a great poet...
    :-)keep it up.

  2. thanks vidya;;
    for considering my poems great;;