Wednesday, January 18, 2012

an orphan puppy;;

It was really a small and an orphan puppy, which attracts my attention, when I was on my way. I like these creatures specially dogs. The following poem, I have written when I saw a small puppy, searching for feeding itself. The poem is divided in two parts, that is 'Observation' and 'Conclusion'. In the first part, I observe it and my heart filled with respect for these creatures, and in second part, conclusion is derived for their future......

It was the january's month,
and the chilly breeze was blowing.
I was going on my way,
and was lost in my thinking.

I saw a small puppy,
wandering on my way ahead.
It was searching something,
beside the roadside drainage.

I didn't say anything, and
and simply crossed it.
when it saw me, and
waved its tail.

I saw it's eye,
full of innocence, full of life.
I lost in it's beauty,
once, twice and even thrice.

It remained in my memory,
like any unfullfilled wish,
and I reached my home,
while thinking about it.

It was a small orphan puppy,
and nothing else.
struggling to feed itself,
through the night and day.

This is the jungle of concrete,
in which I am living,
where the humans are
neither human nor beast indeed.

Humans have occupied all,
including five elements.
nothing left for these creatures,
except their death.
Jitendra Gupta


  1. Hi Jitendra! First of all, I want to thank you and welcome you into my "family of readers". I hope that you will learn, be inspired or uplifted by my posts. I look forward to seeing comments from you.

    What a sad but beautiful poem. I too am a compassionate animal lover. We live in the country, so unwanted animals are constantly being "left" out here to fend for themselves. My husband and I constantly leave our table scraps and he buys cat food to put out in our yard so that nothing starves. I'm not a "fan" of cats,('m a dog lover) but we have about 11 cats that hang around our house right now and I think at least one or more are going to have kittens.

    God Bless,

  2. thanks PJ;;
    for your nice and encouraging comment...
    I too have two dogs at my home and I love them very much;;