Saturday, December 3, 2011

Have you seen the wind;;

I was sitting on the roof of my home and enjoying the warmness of the sun rays. Sometimes in my loneliness, I start talking with the sun or with the birds or anything else except any person, so that I can beat my emptiness. And it gives me more pleasure than doing anything else. It seems ridiculous to many persons but it's true. Moreover I have developed a habit of talking with myself and for this reason I don't need anybody's company to spend my time. And today I was talking with the wind. 
"What are you doing here?" asked my elder brother who has also come on the roof for the same reason recently.
"I am talking with the wind." I answered with innocence.
He burst in to laughter and said "Have you gone mad?"
I started thinking over this question and got the answer, "Perhaps yes;; I have gone mad." and then resume my conversation with wind. 
I have written few lines over this situation-
"The sun is shining in the blue sky;
In the warm afternoon of winter season.
Somebody is ringing the bell and praying to God;
In the temple, in the middle of garden of trees and grass."

"The cool wind is blowing, while touching slowly my body;
It will go to very strange and faraway places;
of which nobody knows it, even today, like the birds,
like the ocean, without taking anybody's permission."

"No one has seen the wind except aware of its existence,
when the leaves of trees starts moving, while hanging over it's branches;
"It is the wind, which is blowing." everyone of us say,
But no one says "The wind is not there." while the leaves remain stay."
                                                                                    Jitendra Gupta