Friday, November 25, 2011

A whole day of my life;;

'In the afternoon'
At this time; it is twelve pm,
And the sun is shining over my head.
Soon; it will be four pm, 
And the sun will set in the west.
After this, it will be night;
And we will go to our bed.
The whole day would passed; 
You see; my life is like that.

'In the morning'
I will wake up in the morning;
With a new idea in my head.
I will analyze that same idea;
Throughout the working day.
Time will passed before my eyes; 
And I will do nothing.
"What happens to that idea?"
I will think again; when  go to my bed.

'Next day'
Next day; again I will think;
"I will do this." or "I should do that."
Thinking too much;
Makes me confused day by day.
'No opportunity', 'No hope';
There is; in my life.
I get nothing in my hand; 
Usually; at the end of every day.

'In my room'
The vehicles are moving;
Blindly; over the road.
Sound is coming in my room;
Where I am alone.
Thinking about the future;
While lying on my bed.
Trying to change the history;
While wasting my present.

Jitendra Gupta


  1. Trying to change the history;
    While wasting my present.
    ...very well said..
    nice poetries...
    very nice blog indeed....
    and i loved ur comment on my blog..thanks.

  2. thank you vidya ji
    for your precious comments.