Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Life is a heap of questions;;

While living my life in a full strength; some questions, about the purpose of life and about our existence, remained question to me. I think about these questions everyday but I don't get any satisfactory answers. On my this dilemma; I have written a few lines-

When I go to walk in the morning;
I meet with various persons on the road by side;
some says, 'Hello; how are you?' to me;
while some remain stranger and don't mingle with me.

I walk, and walk, and walk continuously;
until I tired, and return to home finally;
to become fresh, and join my duty;
the whole day passed in the search of opportunity.

'Who am I?' I think throughout the day;
'What is the purpose of life?' I asked everyday;
'What should I do?' 'Where should I go?';
The questions pile up in to a heap day by day.

I don't get the answer, although;
from horizon, I get back my echoes;
like the world is asking me the same question;
which is still a question for me till today.
                                                                                           Jitendra Gupta

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