Sunday, November 20, 2011


It is my younger brother who is doing B.Tech from an engineering college situated in Lucknow. He is a smart guy, good looking and handsome. I recently came to know that he lost the case in which he had been detained from examination by college authority, which was pending in the Lucknow bench of high court. Due to which, his whole one year have been wasted. In addition to this he had to suffer from the mental torture for such a long time. I heard this news from one of my family member's mouth. Upon listening to him, I lost my wish to talk with him. What can I do except expressing grief in front of him.  
I remember those days when he had completed his senior secondary school and was confused for his future. Although he couldn't decide his future, yet he took a simple path of doing BBA. He thought that it would be simple and easy to complete BBA and it was glamorous too. His ultimate aim was to do MBA. But his plan was seemed bogus to me as well as his father (my uncle). So I advised him to do B.Tech. I told him, "The money you are going to invest in BBA would be a wastage, and it would be good for you to do B.Tech by which you can became an engineer." His father was also agree with me. I think he was pressurized indirectly by me as well as by his father, to do B.Tech instead of BBA.
So he made up his mind and took admission in B.Tech. When his first semester result was declared, he was passed in only two subjects out of six subjects and having back in all four subjects.
But after the declaration of his first semester result, he worked hard and performed well in his second semester examination. His result was good. He had passed all the subjects except one back paper. One of my junior whose name was 'Ambika' had once told me about him that "He has sharp mind and good analytical skill and in addition to this he is laborious too."  
He was doing his part of struggle but the situation and circumstances was against him. A strike was organised in his college regarding some local issues and his name was came in to limelight in that strike. In addition to this, he fell ill due to Dengue fever at that time so he had to left the college for approximately one month. As a result, he was detained from the examination along with some other students.
Since then the case was pending in high court, and he was desperately waiting for its result. Mean while I had meet him several times and consoled him that the victory would be his. I have not so much experience but I have heard from some of my colleagues that in such cases, the court favours the student side. But I was wrong. He has lost the case.
I had not called him; he was as quiet as before. I can only anticipate his mental condition. His concentration was disturbed from studies to other things like court case and now he would feel difficulty in concentrating again in his studies.
May God bless him and give him the power so that he could bear such a heavy grief on his shoulders.
I would like to say him only one sentence, "Don't worry brother; the future would be yours";;;