Sunday, November 13, 2011


I was listening this Gazal, in the evening time which is one of my favorite Gazals, sung by Jagjit Singh. 
"Hazaro Khwahishe aisi; Ki Har Kwahish Pe Dum Nikle
Bahut Nikle Mere Armaan; Lekin Phir Bhi Kam Nikle"

The song is all about our infinite wishes and dreams which we dreamed of getting. Some succeeds in fulfilling his wishes where as some fails. 
I think, this world is a place of wishes either it is saturated or remain unsaturated. The person who resides in expensive bungalow and lives a rich life style, not only having dreams but those also who lives on the footpath and pavements. The difference exists only in the probability of its fulfillment. Where the Rich have enormous possibility and chances for their wishes to be fulfilled, the poor have only a few.  
I am no different to them and have my share of dreams. The dream of getting admission in BHU. I feels the attraction power toward it. I want to do Ph.D. from BHU and there is an opportunity of which I am waiting desperately since last 4-5 months. There was a colleague who despite being selected for Ph.D. in BHU, gives up the opportunity and now doing some kind of research work in Delhi. Many times, I asked myself "if I were at his place, what would I have done?"
Perhaps I have grabbed this golden opportunity or did the same, which he had done and gave up the chance. But the reality is different. I am who I am, not him. I don't have the same opportunity and chances.
Meanwhile I have got selected for a job of project assistant in NBRI, Lucknow. So; There is an opportunity of government job in which I have the opportunity of doing some research. There is another opportunity waiting for me in NBRI from where I can fulfill my dreams. I want to do everything but I am a single guy and I am very confused what should I do?
Let us see what is hidden for me, in the lap of future....... 


  1. Best Wishes...... Aapke sapne zaroor sach hon yahi prarthna hai.....

  2. Thank you mam;
    for your best wishes;
    Jitendra Gupta