Thursday, November 17, 2011


Now a days, I am singing a Gazal sung by Jagjit Singh,
"Ghar Se Nikle The Hausila Kar Ke,
Laut Aaye Khuda-Khuda Kar Ke."
The same situation is happening with me in my real life. I am trying to do big things but I am getting failed in doing simple and small things. "What is wrong with me? I couldn't analyse it". Up to date I thought, it is the dilemma in my life path, but I was wrong. It is the lack of self confidence and inability to concentrate on my predefined goal that renders me in the state of dilemma.
Often I ask myself "Am I a single guy in this whole cosmos who lacks the decisive power." And I got the answer, "Of course not." There are a number of persons who have became successful only because they lacks the decisive skills, but one thing was unique to them, instead of frustrating with this abnormality, they used it as a tool for being successful in life.
I have done M.Pharm, and from where I think, it is not any big deal to do M.Pharm. For me it is same like as doing simply M.Sc or M.A.. But my relatives and my well wishers don't think like me. They think as like I have done M.D. or M.S. and for them it is a big deal. And from their's point of view, I am a brilliant and I should do something big and excellent. In other words, they expect something excellent from me.
I remember one of my aunt who were laughing at me when she came to know that I am doing the same thing which she had done already and now waiting for her joining (Primary school Teacher). I am not frustrated or depressed by her behaviour but rather I ask myself the same question which she was asking me at that time, "What is the use of doing M.Pharm, when you have to do the same thing which I have done without doing M.Pharm? In that case, you have wasted your precious time and nonrefundable money and got nothing. Now you are on the same position where I am."
Then I thought, "M.Pharm have became curse for me. I could not do the simple things except waiting for the big things." This is the actual meaning of the aforesaid Gazal.
I think there is only one solution to this problem, "don't care for them." You should have courage to realize your dream; and for having courage, hard work is essential; and for doing hard work, an attitude is required "No work is big or small."

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