Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Song of the Free

This poem by Swami Vivekanand I had read in my intermediate English poetry book......which inspires me mostly...
The wounded snake its hood unfurls,
The flame stirred up doth blaze, 
The desert air resounds the calls
Of heart-struck lion's rage.

The cloud puts forth its deluge strength
When lightning cleaves its breast, 
When the soul is stirred to its inmost depth
Great ones unfold their best.

Let eyes grow dim and heart grow faint,
And friendship fail and love betray,
Let Fate its hundred horrors send,
And clotted darkness block the way.

All nature wear one angry frown,
To crush you out--still know, my soul,
You are Divine. March on and on,
Nor right nor left but to the goal.

Nor angel I, nor man, nor brute,
Nor body, mind, nor he or she,
The books do stop in wonder mute
To tell my nature--I am He.

Before the sun, the moon, the earth,
Before the stars or comets free,
Before e'en time has had its birth,
I was, I am, and I will be.

The beauteous earth, the glorious sun,
The calm sweet moon, the spangled sky,
Causation's laws do make them run;
They live in bonds, in bonds they die.

And mind its mantle dreamy net
Cast o'er them all and holds them fast.
In warp and woof of thought are set,
Earth, hells, and heavens, or worst or best.

Know these are but the outer crust--
All space and time, all effect, cause.
I am beyond all sense, all thoughts,
The witness of the universe.

Not two or many, 'tis but one,
And thus in me all me's I have;
I cannot hate, I cannot shun
Myself from me, I can but love.

From dreams awake, from bonds be free,
Be not afraid. This mystery,
My shadow, cannot frighten me.
Know once for all that I am He.
                                                                               Swami Vivekanand


Poems of swami vivekanand..


"I look behind and after
   And find that all is right, 
In my deepest sorrows
   There is a soul of light."
 The Cup

"This is your cup--the cup assigned
to you from the beginning.
Nay, My child, I know how much
of that dark drink is your own brew
Of fault and passion, ages long ago,
In the deep years of yesterday, I know. 
This is your road--a painful road and drear.
I made the stones that never give you rest.
I set your friend in pleasant ways and clear,
And he shall come like you, unto My breast.
But you, My child, must travel here. 
This is your task. It has no joy nor grace,
But it is not meant for any other hand,
And in My universe hath measured place,
Take it. I do not bid you understand.
I bid you close your eyes to see My face. "

a letter to me

I have asked a question from one of a friend named "Mr. Dryn Pathak" on facebook. I did not know him personally. I never interacted with him physically. Instead I found him randomly while searching for friends on facebook. Initially I was inspired by his thoughts. So I asked him  question about my dilemma, and He writes a letter to me for clarification of my doughs, just read it.......

"The aim of human life is to seek ,discover and derive pleasure in all the activities of life ,even learn to derive it from those situations that seem to be miserable and pains producing . This can be easily done by changing our Attitude and a superlative view at life .
" God made the man and man made the city " is an old saying . man ,so far does not know who or what is the power that made him but it is clear and confirm that HE mad man in HIS own image as the best on Earth with limited powers and potentials though , to discover to improve him , to create ,recreate, change and modify and make his surroundings better for his life and living . all the creation seems to man's help and this implies that man should care at his best the whole of resources available to him , living and non-living .
Moreover man's mind is as of potentials , is adventurous , naughty , playful and feeling always uneasy and toiling here and there ; some time to easiness but some times to risk and challenges . everywhere his aim to enjoy the events and derive pleasure. he has discovered taste in chillies ,pepper and bitter -gourd that he learns in his advance age . ( A small boy below five knows the sweet and saline )
Death is the worst enemy of man but when man is idle and nothing to do ,it goes naughty and make games even with death and plays through adventures .climbs the mountains ,measures the depth of seas and flies in the sky in blowing balloons .
.......When I was in school I tried very hard to be included for many different activities, but always seemed to be the one sitting on the bench or not chosen. It made me feel rejected, stupid and worthless. Because of this rejection, I carried a sense of worthlessness into my earlier life. I was afraid , I had nothing to offer.
        many of us lament that we have little or no talent, gifts or special abilities, there are others with much greater handicaps who are simply doing better. I remember a person ,born blind with whom I had a company for half an hour in a function and had a little talk and to my great surprise he recognized me by my voice when I saw him again after eighteen long years .You can begin to discover talents that you never thought you had, by asking God, by taking action and not quitting.Keep doing! You learn from experience. The more you do, the more you will develop the talents that can be used for God's glory.
        A person who is born PM & CM has unfortunately , no journey to make and I do not think what joy and pleasure he/she derives who got a place or position without enjoying or suffering (call joy of sufferings ) or risking something that he has. Goal without journey has no meaning ;the longer the journey the greater the goal . This is like to get some thing on charity and get some thing by earning . Both are different things , I think . . ................thanks for yr curiosity n quarry ........all d best ...with prayer ."
                                                                                                                        Courtesy- Mr. Dryan Pathak
you can read more about him on his blog -

"Swami Vivekanad"

Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to SUCCESS, that is way great spiritual giants are produced.”
--- Vivekanand (Swaami )
"When I Asked God for Strength
He gave me difficult situations to face;

When I asked God for brain and brawn,
He Gave Me Puzzles in life to Solve;

When I Asked God for Happiness
He Showed Me some Unhappy People;

When I Asked God for Wealth
He showed me how to Work Hard;

When I Asked God for Favors
He Showed Me way to action;

When I Asked God for Peace
He showed Me how to Help Others;

God Gave Me nothing I wanted,

He gave me everything I needed."

> Based on the thoughts of Swami Vivekanand