Friday, May 27, 2011

finally, the wait is over..........

It had taken more time, more than it is expected. But finally it got the right place. Don't you understand of what I am talking about? I am talking about my article which is going to be published in journal Medicinal Chemistry Research. It had taken approximately one year from communication to publishing. And now, I could not understand whether I should celebrate my success for such a reputed journal accepting my article or do nothing. Sometimes i think of the life, of the roads in my life, I am wondering upon. In which direction I am going? what is my destination? Whether I want to become a researcher (my professional life), a businessman (my father's wish) or a writer (my dream).
Presently I am doing business, I have published some scientific papers in journals and applied for Ph.D, I have also written some unpublished stories. So I am doing everything irrespective of my wish. 
One question is arising in my mind, "by doing everything, how can you expect to became on thing?" It will be ridiculous to travel on two boats, one feet in one boat and other feet in second boat.
I want to follow my destiny, but I could not understand what is my destiny??????
any answer????