Friday, January 21, 2011

My Research has been recognized in Bucharest, Europe;;;;

I am feeling good because my work has been awarded as a novel research and the molecule on which I was working may be a potential "pharmacophore" for analgesic category of drugs.
The project work on which I have done my M.Pharm has been recognized by the most reputed  and official journal of the "University of Bucharest" that is Analele Universitati Bucuresti-chimie (serie noua) which is also also having the Impact factor.
I am pasting here the link of my research paper, you can check it yourself;;;;;;;;;;;;

Sunday, January 16, 2011

M.Pharm is over, now "next is what?"

I could not believe that my m.pharm is over. Now what should I do? I mean what should be the way of my life. My colleagues are doing jobs here and there in various pharma companies and institutions and I am busy in doing my family business. But if I ask myself "what do I want?" then probably I could not answer it rightly.
As for as my eligibility according to my professional qualification I should do some type of job to sharpen my pharma knowledge. But if I see from the talent point of view, I am so much interested in the writing field. In other and simple worlds I want to become a writer. It is my dream. If I think "In which form I want to see myself after 10 years" then my answer will be "a writer".
Now what should be done for being a writer, I simply don't know. All which I know is just to write in your own style and describe your stories in very simple words. But for that you should be a great imaginator.
So the million doller question is "Will I ever become a writer."