Monday, September 13, 2010

Old Jaunpur Empire

While searching on the net for the images of the place Jaunpur, I have found a number of picture which is very old and drawn in the British India by a British English man. These pictutes are so much beautiful that anybody can lost in the beauty of the ancient Jaunpur. These are the three famous monuments of the Jaunpur which is also situated in the city of modern Jaunpur. The Atala Mosque, Sahi Quila and Sahi Bridge.

Atala Mosque of ancient Jaunpur
This is plate 13 from William Hodges' book, 'Select Views in India'. In 1783 Hodges went to Jaunpur and sketched the mosques built by the kings of the Sharqi dynasty in the 15th century. This picture shows the entrance gateway to the Atala Mosque, which was built in 1408, making it the earliest of all the Sharqi buildings at Jaunpur. The arched entrance to the Atala mosque is over 22 metres high. Along with the arch of the Friday Mosque at Jaunpur, it is the highest in India.
Sahi Quila of ancient Jaunpur
Plate 33 from William Hodges' book, "Select Views in India". In 1783, while travelling to Calcutta, Hodges stopped at Jaunpur and described this ruined fortress as '...a building of considerable extent, on a high bank commanding the bridge...' . The Fort of Firoz Shah Tugluq at Jaunpur was established in 1360. It has the shape of an irregular quadrangle and was built at a strategic crossing point on the river Gomti.
Sahi Bridge of ancient Jaunpur
This is plate 34 from William Hodges' book 'Select Views in India'. Located at a crossing point on the river Gomti, Jaunpur was founded by Feroz Shah Tugluq in the 14th century. The massive Akbari Bridge, a remarkable structure with fifteen arches, was built between 1564 and 1568 by Munim Khan, the local governor under Mughal Emperor Akbar. Hodges wrote: "The inoundations have been frequently known to rise even over the bridge insomuch that in the year 1774 a whole brigade of the British forces was passed over it in boats."

You can find a number of pictures regarding the ancient India and its cities like Varanasi, Ghazipur, Delhi, Calcutta and south Indian cities. I think it is very useful website for the researcher doing research in ancient India. I am giving the link of that website so that you can access the main webpage.

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