Monday, September 6, 2010

An evening at Husain Sagar Lake;;;;;;;

Me and my friend Navneet had spend a beautiful evening by wandering at the bank of Hussaine sagar lake. We were in love with this twin city. The road beside the Hussaine Sagar Lake connects the twin cities that is Secunderabad and Hyderabad. It was a beautiful evening, at the bank of lake. The love birds were sitting on the benches at the bank of lake and they were enjoying. We were so much tired, that we were unable to move ahead. So we decided to sit there and took some rest. The night view of Lake was so much charming that we had lost in the beauty of that place. Really that was so much imaginative;;;;;;;;;;;
Lord Buddha statue along with the Lake
Closer view of the statue
Evening view of the lake
An evening in Secunderabad
Buddha Stoop between the lake and the road
Lake view as visible from the Birla mandir
This was not my bicycle;;;;
Lumbini Park
After some days from my trip to Hyderabad, a terrorist bomb blast was done inside the Lumbini Park. I heard about this from the newspaper, and I was so much shocked and disappointed;;;;;;;

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