Saturday, September 4, 2010

A day in Golkunda Fort

After visiting a number of places in Hyderabad, me and my friend Navneet have decided to go to Golkunda fort, which is having the historical importance. We caught the city bus to Golkunda fort. The fort is much out of the city. At that place, we have lost in the fair of history. Their is a photo section inside the fort where you can take the glimpse of the history of Golkunda Fort;;;;;;;;
The fort of Golkunda

Old gate of Golkunda Fort
Upper view of Kali temple inside the fort
Garden inside the fort
Basement of Fort
Topmost building inside the fort. Here the flow of air is so
much high that you can't balance yourself. At that time,
It was raining when I reached there.
Way to the topmost tomb inside the fort
A fountain inside the fort
Glorious fort of Golkunda
It was raining at that time, when I was there;;;;

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