Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sweet September;;;;;

The most awaited moment have been come now. As we all are writing and preparing our thesis and the deadlines are approaching closer that is 15th of September 2010. Earlier I was thinking that these days will never end up, but I was wrong. Everything has its own ending. Am I feeling any stress on completing the M.Pharm in Meerut? Ofcourse not;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
I have studied some where that "Don't worry about that which you can not change; and which you can not change, you need not to worry". These lines have filled me a lot of satisfaction as I am worrying a lot about my future. One more line, I want to tell you from which I was so much impressed and I am thinking that I have acquired some sort of decision making ability is about the mistakes. The line is "Mistakes are painful when they happen, but years later collection of mistakes is called as experience, which leads to success." I can't tell you how much I was impressed with this line. Really these lines are having wonderful effects.
I am living here in Meerut with my colleague. He often compare himself along with all the students with the BHU students. I don't know what kind of fun he is getting in comparing between them and us. But whenever he compare I become so much irritated. At that time I found satisfaction upon remembering these lines "don't compare yourself with anybody else; if you compare you are insulting yourself."
These all things I have got from a Power point presentation, I am pasting here the link of that presentation.......

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