Sunday, May 16, 2010

Activity on animals

During these days, my project work is going on full swing. I believe that my project is so much useful. I have synthesized my compounds and now, i am testing my compounds for their activity. When i was testing my compounds, I have filled with the so much respect towards the animals used for testing of new chemical entity. I have filled with the mercy for albino mice and rats. We are such a persons who sacrifices the animals only for our selfishness.
At the same time, it came in to my mind that these animals are grown in the laboratory only for testing and laboratory use purpose. But being a human, we should not handle them with cruelty. My laboratory activity on animals last in one week. After this I came to realize that how much pain and ailments these animals suffer when any laboratory activity have been done on them. It is OK that there is law for their prevention from cruelty, but the law can only take in to effect when you care for them.
So in the future whenever you handle them, always think that they are also the creature and having the birth right to live on this earth as you.

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